There are many things a municipality can do to increase their solar-friendliness. Below are some resources and organizations that are here to help.

CT Municipal Solar Scorecard Checklist

This checklist outlines how to get a perfect score on your CT Solar Scorecard. Many of the indicators, particularly in the Clean Energy Engagement, Information Availability, Permit Process and Time & Cost categories, contain simple actions you can take to help making going solar easier in your jurisdiction.

Take a look and start checking off improvements!

CT Green Bank SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge

The Connecticut Green Bank has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to reduce non-hardware, or “soft” costs of residential solar PV. Through this grant the Green Bank has developed a CT Rooftop Solar PV Permitting Guide with specific recommendations and tools municipalities can use to streamline their solar permitting process.

Visit for permitting tools and educational resources on solar PV technology, and permitting in general.

The Green Bank SunShot team is also available to help you implement permitting improvements for solar PV, contact for assistance


Interested in going further? Your municipality can get nationally recognized as a solar-friendly community through the SolSmart program!

SolSmart is a national recognition and a no-cost technical assistance program for local governments designed to drive greater solar deployment and help make it possible for even more American homes and businesses to access affordable and renewable solar energy to meet their electricity needs.

Visit their website,, and apply today!